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"How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

– Anne Frank


Cendy Pierre profile picture. Co-Founder of FACTS.

Cendy Pierre


15+ years' experience in Event Marketing, Entertainment/Talent Booking, Venue Procurement and Promotions, Cendy has an extensive network within nightlife with connections and access to restricted, exclusive venues in multiple cities. Cendy has a broad background in Music Entertainment as a producer and collaborative PR partner to several international artists.

Jennifer Heyde profile picture. Co-Founder of FACTS.

Jennifer Heyde


​10+ years' experience in Media, Editorial and Entertainment Jennifer has worked exclusively for fashion titles M​arie Claire, ​ V​ogue, ​ H​arper's Bazaar​ and weekly lifestyle ​People Magazine. ​ Jennifer has a background in film publicity and entertainment working for The Weinstein Company, where she was a member of the 2011 publicity team that garnered 8 Academy Awards.

Rick Raymond profile picture. Sales Consultant and Client Operations Manager of FACTS.

Rick Raymond

Sales Consultant & Client Operations Manager

Rick made his career in the financial markets industry representing and managing client relationships for various leading financial institutions.  Additionally, he has a background in Event Planning, Marketing, Entertainment / Talent booking, Travel Brokering, and Venue Procurement.

Julian Molesso profile picture. Creative and Advertising director of FACTS.

Julian Molesso

Creative & Advertising Director

25+ years' experience in Advertising, TV, Digital, and Print; recipient of numerous awards. Julian has worked on billion-dollar brands and small brands too. Possesses a never-ending, relentless passion for great advertising and keen awareness of and insight into what the consumer wants and needs.

Jenna Berraho profile picture. Assistant Creative Director and Cinematographer of FACTS.

Jenna Berraho

Assistant Creative Director & Cinematographer

Moroccan-born cinematographer Jenna has extensive experience in the Film industry working exclusively and internationally for private clients and corporations. Self-taught and self-directed Jenna attended the prestigious New York Film Academy where she graduated top in her class.

Michard Guillaume profile picture. Graphic Designer and Social Media of FACTS.

Michard Guillaume

Graphic Designer & Social Media

Michard brings 10 years' experience in the strategic conception, design and execution of social media campaigns for his exclusive celebrity clientele; shooting all of the photographic and cinematographic art for each himself. In addition, Michard has been highly sought by renown fashion designers for his sophisticated touch in the graphic design of high-end couture and ready to wear.

Vincent is a professional photographer and writer. A graduate of Princeton University Vincent worked as an Electrical Engineer before transitioning career to creative. His interest in photography extending past the lens to capture the stories of the people he photographed led him to embark on an unprecedented journey. In 2020 Vincent commenced work on Portrait of a Young Couple (https://poayc.com/).

Vincent Po profile picture. Photographer of FACTS.

Vincent Po


Anna Atkinson profile picture. Coordinator of FACTS.

Anna Atkinson


A graduate of Boston College class of 2018 Anna was recruited by industry leader Oracle Corporation, where she was top of her class as a Business Development Consultant. In 2020 Anna accepted a position with competitive, Boston-based Botkeeper, currently serving as Account Executive. Anna also has several years' experience in promotion working among several of Boston's nightlife venuES.